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Meet Brandi

Enneagram Certified Growth & Development Coach

My name is Brandi and this is me fully operating in my purpose and living a fulfilled life. But, this wasn't always me. It took a great deal of life, changing careers and intentional personal growth experiences to lead me to the point of recognizing that it is my life's mission to help someone like you. Someone with the makings of more, looking to live a fulfilled life, but lacking the clarity needed to have it.


As a Certified Enneagram Coach who has spent over a decade immersed in personal development, career coaching and entrepreneurship (including leading my team at Vinnie & June), I know what it takes to help people identify blind spots and help them discover HOW to live fulfilled.

My goal is to take you on a journey of validating and discovering more about yourself, leading you to uncovering the blindspots that hold you back from the fulfilling life you desire, and partnering with you on to clarify and strategize ways to deepen your relationships, sharpen how you direct your abilities and maximize your impact.

You may feel the uncertainty of taking the next step. That's a good sign. It means you are on the edge of transformation. Before transformation occurs, there is always reservation. But, one thing I know about you already is you are a person that takes action, even when it's difficult. All you have to do is push the button (quite literally) and then I'll be right there to help you write the roadmap!

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