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What is the Enneagram?

What is the Enneagram?

If you are familiar with personality assessments such the as The DISC Assessment and Myers- Briggs, then you already have a great start in understanding the Enneagram. It is similar to these personality assessment tools. At a basic level, it serves as an assessment and guide to a deeper understanding of yourself and others.


I have been a long-time follower and user of personality assessments in my career and in life. I have found many of them useful to help me better understand myself and others, so that I could be the most effective version of myself. Each of the tools I have used in the past have brought me a greater sense of clarity..


What drew me to the Enneagram is its unique difference. One that I had not found in any of the other tools. 

​Rather than telling you who you are, the Enneagram makes a recommendation based on assessment responses and with a coach you go through the process of discovering who you are. 

Though there are 9 main Enneagram types, you are not typed in singularity with only one number. The Enneagram helps to reveal your core, while also bringing to light attributes of other types you may have. We are multi-dimensional people. 

Most other personality tests focus on HOW you behave. The Enneagram focuses on our motivations and WHY we behave the way we do. This revealing of our motivations is the beginning of transforming the way we think about ourselves & others, connect in relationships and make decisions.

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How will it help?

Although I combine my coaching journey process with other tools, I begin with the Enneagram. Gaining an understanding of our core motivations, fears, desires and areas of weakness allows us to uncover truths about why we do the things we do, so we can not just try to correct behavior, but align our behaviors with our beliefs.


Using the Enneagram tool helps clarify who we are based upon these motivations. Once we have clarity of who we are and our wiring, we are better able to understand ourselves and connect with others in authentic, meaningful ways.

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