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Meet Brandi

Enneagram Certified Growth & Development Coach

My name is Brandi and this is me thriving! I am fully operating in my purpose and living a fulfilled life. But, this wasn't always me. I suffered from burnout for many years. I was a workaholic and people-pleaser stuck in a cycle of doing and not being- I had lost myself.


One day, my sister called to tell me that she thought I "was on the edge." She was right. I was. I was emotionally & physically exhausted. I was in a place where I had become absorbed in doing and had been ignoring my feelings. Pursuing "success" helped me cover my deep disappointment in my relationships and my life. While I had lost myself, I was also losing some friendships, facing challenges in my marriage and struggling with dissatisfaction in my career.


I began immersing myself in contemplation, personal growth and reconnecting with God. I made an internal personal shift and then, I felt this tug toward an external life shift. I started therapy, shed & gained some relationships, made another career shift and eventually moved across the country. I started thriving. It was at a networking event before all that, where I was asked, "What would you do if time and money were no object?" I responded with- coaching! At the time I was working for a start-up company in sales and also as a career coach. Within just a couple of weeks of the networking event,  I had my first client! The passion I felt in helping her grow confirmed what I know was my life's mission. It is to help someone like you- someone struggling with burnout, suffering from exhaustion or on the brink of transition. Someone who wants to break free from emotional and physical drain to live a life of clarity, purpose and freedom!  

My goal is to support and guide you on a journey of understanding your whole self so that you can uncover blindspots & unhealthy patterns, gain clear purpose,  embrace your complete identity and experience life-changing transformation just like I did.

You may feel the uncertainty of taking the next step. That's a good sign. It means you are on the edge of transformation. Before transformation occurs, there is always reservation. Lean into that and just commit to taking one small step. I'd love to get to know you! Schedule a quick call with me here. :)

Credentials & Expertise
  • Former Career Coach

  • 10+ years in Leadership & Entrepreneurship

  • Owner & Team Development Manager of Vinnie & June Brow and Grooming Bar

  • Certified Enneagram Coach through YEC + EIP Certification

  • Trained in the Simply Wholehearted Coaching Process

  • Informed in Internal Family Systems (IFS), EMDR/Trauma Therapy & Emotional Intelligence 

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