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What are clients saying about their experience?

White Sands

Brandi is a very skilled coach and passionate about her work. It was obvious in all of our sessions that she spent time preparing specifically to give me a unique and customized experience. She is authentic and cares very much about helping you grow. Her dedication to you makes you want to dig deep and work harder toward self growth.

Kelly H, Type 2

After a season of intense depression and dormancy, I have been on a relentless journey toward self awareness and growth for the last three years. My sessions with Brandi were extremely insightful, introspective, and enlightening. I felt SEEN. I was able to go beyond what I already knew to be true about myself, and be open to new possibilities. The sessions equipped me with a confidence and moving forward I know that I can use the Enneagram as a tool to become the best version of myself, for me & others. I am grateful to her for being a patient and attentive coach. Her enthusiasm throughout this process was both infectious and greatly appreciated.



Melodi B, Type 4

Footprints on Sand
Aerial View of Barren Land

I had such an amazing experience. Brandi was so enthusiastic about helping me grow and learn. Her excitement was contagious. I looked forward to our sessions every week. I have already implemented many of the strategies Brandi showed me and her advice will continue to help me develop mentally and spiritually. 5 stars!


Krista F, Type 8

Brandi was able to beneficially show me my blindspots while helping me see the room for growth. She provided a safe and encouraging environment for me to be vulnerable and deeply look into myself for reflection, understanding and growth.


Kelli S, Type 2

White Sands
Footprints on Sand

Brandi, was an absolute gift. She allowed me to identify blindspots, understand various stages of alignment, understand my type, learn how to work towards my highest self, learn to be more present and most importantly learn to take back my power by being vulnerable and open about my emotions. I learned that I am a type 7 and while we are known to be fun loving, light-hearted and playful our dark side can be high key toxic with the levels of avoidance we go through to not feel and be emotional, which is NOT healthy. Due to Brandi's help, I now have tools to understand how to work to stay in alignment and be my most healthy self. 


Jessica L, Type 7

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