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1:1 Personal Coaching

White Sands

The Paradigm Shift Journey 

Your journey begins with a comprehensive assessment to uncover your complete Enneagram type and Core Purpose Paradigm. As holistic beings (heart, mind and body), our core is comprised of all three parts.


Discovering how your heart (feelings), mind (intellect) and body (instincts) show up in your life will give you a clearer picture of yourself. Through this lens, you can identify patterns of health and unhealth, as well as ways to operate in your strengths and work through your struggles. As your guide, I will lead you to recognizing, understanding, and making positive changes in how you approach problem-solving, decision-making, and conflict resolution. Together, we will uncover the blindspots that hinder your progress and keep you from reaching your fullest potential.


Our sessions will take you through a guided discovery process to having the highest level of self-awareness, being able to avoid negative cycles and gaining tools for growth. This innovative approach to the Enneagram and personal growth will lead you to transformation in all aspects of your relationships, career and life! 

8 weeks, $1,400



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"The hardest work we ever do is the work we do on ourselves."

White Sands

Frequestly Asked Questions

How are the sessions structured?

  • Our sessions are scheduled weekly or biweekly.

  • Each session is an hour and 15 minutes.

  • You will select a consistent day and time to meet with me after being provided with a few options based upon openings.

  • The sessions are guided. Handouts are provided to reference content. Customized resources are also provided based upon your Enneagram type and needs. 

  • Between the sessions, you will be required to complete reflection questions and activities that align with your goals.


Are there payment plans available?

Yes! Payment Plan options may be individually discussed with me prior to signing your coaching agreement. If you select the payment plan option, a deposit is required to secure your session spots.

What can I expect?

  • For me as your coach to be a safe space for you to openly share.

  • For me to honor and respect our session time.

  • For me to listen well and provide support.

  • For me to customize the coaching process to your needs.

  • For me to challenge you with truth and grace.

A bonus! For those that are open, I love to take the time to pray for you! I also love to support you in all that you are doing! I love when my clients share wins with me!


What results can I expect?

This coaching process is designed for growth-minded leaders and women who recognize their need for help in reaching their next goal and in more deeply understanding themselves to be at their best. 

Being open is one of the prerequisites for coaching with me, as you can only change and improve what you are willing to accept. It is not always easy for us to look at ourselves with a bright light and to uncover blindspots that hold us back from fulfillment. Coaching helps us do this. I recognize how much courage this takes. As your coach, it is my intent to guide you with truth and grace in a way that allows you to see yourself clearer than you ever have, and to make changes and decisions that lead you to your most fulfilling life- whatever that vision may be for you!

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